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Articles and information about nutritional, sports and bodybuilding supplements. General advice and reviews of specific formulas.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements - The Top 10
The 10 best value for money bodybuilding supplements out there and when to use them. Don't get ripped off - read this article!

The Best Pre-workout Supplements
We discuss pre-workout formulas, what is in the best of them and our top recommendations. Your questions are answered too.

Beta-alanine is a powerful performance booster; this article explores the evidence and tells you why and how

Black Ginger: Not Just Another Viagra Alternative
Let's see what's special about it when used as a supplement

Butea Superba
Let's take a look at Thailand's Manliness Booster

Cannabinoids: the Secret of Athletes?
CBD oil – is this cannabis as a sports supplement?

The Complete Guide to Whey Protein Supplements in Health & Fitness
Confused about which whey protein powder to buy? This article gives you all the information you need to know: whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate; absorption of protein; protein quality; the effect of whey on insulin; and more

Carbohydrate Supplement Powders
A review of the main carb sports supplements available on the market including maltodextrin, Vitargo® and waxy maize starch

Casein Hydrolysate – The Cream of Post Workout Protein?
What is hydrolysed casein and is it the optimum post workout supplement protein?

Creatine FAQs
Due to the vast amount of topics on Muscletalk asking for information on creatine, we have consolidated many of the most frequently asked creatine questions into one detailed concise article

Creatine Ethyl Ester: The Best Creatine or a Supplement Fallacy?
Is CEE the most effective creatine available, or is it just a fad based on clever marketing?

The Rescue of Creatine Ethyl Ester
Editorial by George C Summerfield, an attorney representing the University of Nebraska, looking at the legal side of CEE

Dietary Nucleotides and their Role in Human Health, Sports Nutrition and Muscle Gain
What are nucleotides? Where in our diet do we obtain them? Are nucleotide supplements of any benefits? This article explores nucleotides as a new concept in sports nutrition

Food vs Supplements
Or do I really need Whey, Creatine, Glutamine, MRPs, Multivitamins and all the rest? Les discussed whether the main bodybuilding and sports supplements are essential.

Glutamine Peptides in Protein Supplement Powders
Looks at the reasons why protein formulas include glutamine peptides as an ingredient

Glutamine Supplements in Bodybuilding
The use of L-glutamine and glutamine peptides as a supplement for muscle gain

Guidelines for the Buying and Selling of Protein Supplements
With so many crap protein powders available, this article helps both the consumer to make an informed choice and any small company looking to produce their own range.

Hemp Protein Powder and Bodybuilding
Hemp protein powder and its nutritional benefits

Is Your Protein Powder Labelled Correctly?
Do whey protein supplements contain what they say they do? How you, the consumer, can check and make sure you're not being ripped off!

No-Crash Fat Loss with Non-Stimulant Fat Burners
Non-stimulant based fat burners shy away from caffeine and derivative compound. They contain other ingredients which do not produce the harmful side effect

The Osagi Pre-Workout Stack
The best pre-workout formula including nootropics, stimulants and energy boosters; this article discusses the key ingredients and doses for the optimal pre-training stack

Pea Protein Powder as a Bodybuilding Supplement
Pea protein isolate as a fitness protein supplement, its benefits, where to find it and how to use it

Supplements of Yesteryear
A review of supplements and bodybuilding tonics from the past

Taurine as a Sports and Health Supplement
The benefits of the amino acid taurine in bodybuilding and general health

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements in Bodybuilders and Athletes
Do bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts need to include micronutrient supplements in their diet?

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