Exercise & Training

Articles on bodypart training, strength and mass training theories, cardiovasular exercise.

Methods of Training

Eccentric Loading for Greater Hypertrophy, Strength and Power
Eccentric muscle training for muscle growth and strength, and how you can incorporate the principles into your training

Methods of Training
How to train for power, strength, hypertrophy/size and endurance; with routines

CNS Overtraining
How is the central nervous system affected by training past failure?

Full Body Training Splits for Lean Muscle Growth NEW!
All over body routines are a time efficient way of productive training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Routines
The benefits of interval training and a few routines

High Intensity Training - HIT
Abbreviated Training the old fashioned way. Compound movements are the way to train

Muscular Hypertrophy - Using The Science of Set-Rep Schemes
Gareth Sapstead discusses training methods for strength and muscle hypertrophy

Old School Progressive Training: Maximal Lifting based on the Methods Used by Steve Reeves
Aaron Hallett discusses how he uses training methods devised in the Golden Era of Bodybuilding

Overtraining is a Real Thing NEW!
We look at how overtraining is a very real thing and it can lead to decreased testosterone production and other side-effects.

Stepping Stones: Part 3
Micky McKay continues from Stepping Stones Part 1 and Part 2 with more advanced methods of training

Strongman Training
The principles behind training for strongman, or simply to help improve your general strength

Tabata Training
Fitness expert Drew Price explores Tabata as a form of conditioning training, popular for fitness, martial arts and strength trainers

Three Day Split Routine – Push-Pull-Legs NEW!
Basic 3 day training regimen - just 3 hours per week for maximum gains!

Training past failure
Some techniques to take training to the extreme and beyond the pain barrier. The 'Paul Borresen' style of training!

Training the Deadlift for Strength: Top 5 Mistakes
Want to improve your deadlift? Here are five things you can do to help you lift more

Volume Training (VT) Routine
The benefits of volume training with three VT routines


How to Bench Press 140kg, guaranteed: 'The Secret'!
Anyone can bench press 140kg through good technique and training methods. Here's how...

Medicine Ball Exercises
The benefits of training with a medicine ball and a few exercises to try

Olympic Lifting
Discusses the benefits of Olympic weightlifting for all strength athletes, with descriptions of the movements and some great Olympic lifting routines

How to Build a Big Raw Squat NEW!
Learn how to squat big: technique, mental focus, equipment and a routine

Training the Overhead Press
How to get the most out of overhead pressing and perfecting your form

Body Part Routines

Bringing Up the Middle Back
Exercises and tips on how to develop the mid-back area

James' Three Minute Calf Routine
A quick calf workout which will obliterate them into growth!

Gastrocnemius – neglected, stubborn or misunderstood?
The muscles of the calves, how they work and calf training routines

How to Get Big Arms
Do you want huge, powerful arms? Read this!

Westside Barbell Training
Looks at the success of the Westside method of powerlifting training with examples of exercises, equipment needed and a productive Westside Barbell Training routine

Smart Shoulders - Improve every lift, boost your gains, look better and stay healthier for longer
Drew Price looks at alternatives methods of shoulder training to maximise long term gains and to prevent injury

Specific Training to Target Specific Weakness – Part 1- The Triceps
How to effectively train the triceps at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of training.

General Exercise and Training

15-Minute Cardio Interval Training Workouts!
Quick, effective but challenging interval routines

Don't be a Comeback Warrior!
Effective ways to reintroduce weight training after having some time off

Fitness for the Female Beginner
Beginner information for a female who is considering joining a gym for the first time and how to get the most out of it

General Principles of Strength Training for Rugby
Training methods to improve performance in rugby

Improvising your Training in Prison
Prisoner Aarron Lambert MA8124 gives some ideas on how to keep size whilst incarcerated

In Search of the Perfect Rep
Get the most out of your training by performing your reps safely and effectively

Pull Ups
How to perform the perfect pull up and why this exercise should be a fundamental part of a weight training routine

The Smith Machine
A useful piece of gym equipment

Strength Training for Rugby - 6 Key Mistakes and How to Fix Them! NEW!
A useful piece of gym equipment

The Warm Up and Cool Down
Warming up and cooling down correctly are crucial for preventing injury and maximising muscle growth. This article explains all and provides efficient warming up and colling down routines

Injuries and Recuperation

Back Health for Morning Trainers
What happens to our vertebrae when we lie down for long periods and how to get around this if you prefer to weight train in the morning

Biomechanics: A Sceptic's View
A personal case study of back pain and how biomechanics has helped drastically to reduce the problems and improve training

Biomechanics in Bodybuilding: Some FAQs
Martin Haines responds to some commonly asked questions about biomechanics and how it can benefit bodybuilders

How to Overcome Knee Injuries
How to avoid, train around and tips to recover from knee injuries

Natural Injury Recovery and Pain Relief NEW!
Covers the phases of injury and offers some natural therapy ideas to help support recovery and offer some pain relief.

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